ADV; Actuele Discours omtrent het Vluchtige

Our architecture is placed in a specific and fragile environment. We decided to not touch this special atmosphere We decided to leave this special atmosphere untouched. It would be an act of arrogance to build here. Moreover, to resuscitate such an architecture would only be postponing the effective end. Our performance places itself on the […]

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The futuristic short story by JG Ballard was the start for this project. On a light narrative way he raises awareness to the topic of overcrowding. The concept of ‘space’ and ‘place’ becomes more and more vulnerable by the ever-growing population. In the short story this concept becomes very precious. Perspection is where perception and […]

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WHITE Het ongericht evolueren naar een onbekend doel dat je sowieso aanvaardt en als springplank dient voor verder ongericht evolueren met dat als doel het blijven voortduren van het werk Gary Peters: Philosophy of improvisation   WHITE What I seek? I’ve no idea… It’s a personal experiment, a discovery within the architectural space and drawing. […]

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