De architectuurtekening heeft de bedoeling om juist te zijn en mag absoluut geen twijfel oproepen.

Alberto Perez Gomez

Ocean Chart Lewis Carroll (Given by Mira Sanders)
Ocean Chart Lewis Carroll (Given by Mira Sanders)


February 2015.
I left with a Volvo ferry from Ghent to Gothenburg . I had 32h to discover this enormous boat. In my backpack the map of Lewis Carroll.
I forced myself to capture the coördinates during my trip, so that I knew exactly where I was. After all coördinates are the most precise measurements in order to represent a place. The interesting thing about these coordinates is that they are so accurate and at the same time not telling anything.

The architectural drawing is intended to be accurate and may absolutely call no doubt. Alberto Perez Gomez got me thinking. The architectural drawing can be more than just a mathematical plan. We must abandon the idea of architecture as exact science .

Section of the boat. (68,47 x 61,12cm)

I started with drawing the boat as we were taught to as an educated architect.
I soon realized that this section did not translate my experience on the boat. I missed something, but I didn’t know what. I don’t know what I am searching for, it is an experiment. A journey within the architectural space and drawing. The search gives me interesting images and thoughts that trigger me to continue searching. There is a starting point, perhaps an endpoint.

Reconstructed section (109,36 x 42,92cm)

I drawed the last section again, now how I discovered the boat during the 32h. It’s seems more aquarate to me.

Memory Section (236,76 x 61,12cm)


I was looking for a way to show all that I gathered during the semester in the space of architecture. I had the idea of an overhead projector, not only a beautiful object but also an object that fits in my design methods and way of thinking. It was able to project my thoughts and comments. It is a personal reflection of my discoveries within the architectural drawing. The transparant layers on the projector are bonded together into one image only by using light. It’s not the image itself, it’s a projection. It is something nonexistent and intangible. It is only a snapshot, just like an experience is a snapshot too. When the projectors are turned off; the transparent layers are the only afterimages.
The image disappears.