The drive of Drawing

The drive of drawing…

or can I change it into:

the drive of thinking

the drive of searching

the drive of watching?

The drive of ‘thinking’. Many times I asked myself “what am I doing here?” I was quite impressed by the works of the other artists, it made me unsure about my own works. “Can I even draw?”, a question that came into my mind every two seconds. The ground beneath my feet was slowly disappearing and I didn’t know what to do. While the others were producing artworks like I’ve never seen before, I was doing nothing. In a masterclass called the drive of drawing, I have not drawn much, the drive of not drawing.

The drive of ‘searching’. The architect in me needed ground to build on. That ground I found in the Charles Nypels Lab at the Van Eyck. The ‘misprints’ from the risoprinter formed the basis for my drawings. A search for intrestring textures and structures.

The drive of ‘watching’. This last drive is maybe the most important one I found out for myself this week. For some reason I’ve drawn a lot of windows in my sketchbook during the week. Is there an explication for it or is it just because the academy was full of windows? I found a reason in the act of watching. The act of watching is always something that comes before the drawing, the translation of what I see into a drawing. Drawing is not only about the line that appears when your pencil is touching the surface, but also about watching.


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