Silence Room

At first it seemed to be impossible to make a silence room inside Umea School of Architecture. It is a small, more intimate, warm and silent space -a room that floats in the air- which is very opposite to the extremely open and loud spaces of the modern schoolbuilding. By only using wood, they forced us to not only think of wood as a technical aspect but aswell as a spacial one. This floating gift for the school doesn’t have a huge impact on the initial operation of the school.
The surface and the material is limited, the form of the silence space is a consequence of this. The structure is a bearing element but furniture aswell.


Schermafbeelding 2015-07-12 om 20.46.38kopie



In cooperation with: Nina Bäckström, Soumia Boroucha, Jana Dzadonova, Veronica Gerini, Stefanie Gruyaert, Yiling Hung, Nina Larsson, Andrea Lizakova, Ibrahim Mahmood, Mahammed Hossein Rahmanian, Miguel Ros, Joshua Taylor, Rafaela Taylor and Tobias Westerlund

Specials Thanks to: Oren Lieberman, Alberto Altés, Josep Garriga, Claudi Aguiló Aran, Roger Tudó Gali and UMA Umeå School of Architecture.

Part of the design-team in autumn 2014 (Exchange Program UMA, Umea Sweden). Sadly I wasn’t there when they build it, althought I frequently got an update of the building proces.


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