Het ongericht evolueren naar een onbekend doel dat je sowieso aanvaardt en als springplank dient voor verder ongericht evolueren met dat als doel het blijven voortduren van het werk

Gary Peters: Philosophy of improvisation



What I seek? I’ve no idea… It’s a personal experiment, a discovery within the architectural space and drawing. But the quest gives me interesting images and thoughts that triggers me to continue searching. There is a starting point and perhaps an endpoint.
While I realize that all the land has already been found, I try to create my own soil by collecting information, references, images, etc. All this gives me my ground to build on.
I see this land is getting stronger by knotting all these different inputs . Those knots, maybe junctions is a better word, can almost be compared with structural/architectural junctions. For me they are equally strong.

Architecture is about making these junctions, combining different elements. It’s what I like the most about it. The search for links that make a powerfull and wonderfull tension.