The Drive Of Drawing

Only the line can tell us what happened…

Exhibition from 7 – 20 november at Van Ecyk Academy (Maastricht, NL)

The drive of drawing…
& The drive of not drawing.

or can I change it into:

The drive of ‘thinking’
The drive of ‘searching’
The drive of ‘watching’?

The drive of ‘thinking’. Many times I asked myself “what am I doing here?” I was quite impressed by the works of the other artists, it made me unsure about my own works. “Can I even draw?”, a question that came into my mind every two seconds. The ground beneath my feet was slowly disappearing and I didn’t know what to do. While the others were producing artworks like I’ve never seen before, I was doing nothing. In a masterclass called the drive of drawing, I have not drawn much, the drive of not drawing.

The drive of ‘searching’. The architect in me needed ground to build on. That ground I found in the Charles Nypels Lab at the Van Eyck. The ‘misprints’ from the risoprinter formed the basis for my drawings. A search for interesting textures and structures.

The drive of ‘watching’. This last drive is maybe the most important one I found for myself this week. For some reason I’ve drawn a lot of windows in my sketchbook during the week. Is there an explication for this, or is it just because the academy was full of windows? I found a reason in the act of watching. For me the act of watching is always something that comes before the drawing, the translation of what I see into a drawing. Drawing is not only about the line that appears when your pencil is touching the surface, but also about watching. About pointing out some viewpoints, for example the window frames that are framing the drawing behind the window. With the work I tried to take attention of the spectators. You need to take a closer look to some of my works to understand them, they are full of hidden elements. Sometimes I don’t mind if some people don’t see the deeper layer, the people who wanna see it will see it.

fotografie: Werner Mantz lab, Van Eyck
Photograpy: Werner Mantz lab, Van Eyck




Together with:  Arike Gill, Bas Ketelaars, Erik-Jan van der Schuur, Femke Gerestein, Gerbrand Burger, Jeroen Paalvast, Kim Habers, Lenneke van der Goot, Marie van Vollenhoven, Susanna Inglada and Tijs van Bakel

Special thanks to: Robbie Cornelissen (The Master), Marc Nagtzaam and Erik Odijk.

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